Get Tutored

Get Tutored was founded by Luigia Milani-Van Zyl and Laura Coda. With many students affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there appeared a gap in educational support. By offering English lessons through online platforms, we have been able to give many students the support they need. In addition, certain students have requested resources that are simple to understand and focus on specific elements.

Luigia has taught high school English for 22 years. She has an extensive knowledge of both the GDE and IEB systems. Luigia has a passion for the arts and has been a part of various school productions as well as Public Speaking and debating.

Laura has taught Drama in the GET and FET phases for 8 years. She has also taught English in the FET phase. Her Trinity College of London training in Speech and Drama has developed her experience further. Having taught both Drama and English, she has adjudicated many Public Speaking competitions and coaches students in Public Speaking and presentation skills.